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Can i build Muscles At HOME


So…this is what we all means we all thinks atleast once and we all know we can do excercises at home and there are so many men who are doing exercise on home and building muscles too..means if you watch them you will that their muscle quality is awesome and you will also see that some of them didn’t have any muscles though..so do you know you can generally get good physique at home but there is also a problem in it before telling you the problem i want to tell you something….

Firstly You may think that if someone get good muscles at home then why can’t you so you can be but do you know what will happen if i eat poison or jump from 10 floor building’s top of course i will die but there are still some peoples who will eat poison and will alive and also some peoples who will jumps from the top of 10 floor building and the still alive so what will you tell “is eating poison will not let you die because there is someone who is not dying even after eating ” so we take the general case in everything means if there are thousand peoples and 95% of them will die of eating poison then we will tell the poison is dangerous even 5% of them don’t die after eating poison because there is some exception in everything even you see anti-bacteria soap ad they tell it will remove 99.99% of germs means there is a possibility of 0.01% of germs to be still alive…that’s what i want to tell you guys…oops …MANS.


So basically i have done this experiment on personally myself and i will now share my story with you so keep reading i hope you will love to read that story..

MY STORY: (Last some months to now)

i m not huge but much better than my previous version

I build good body (acc. to me) and i then left the gym and didn’t eats that much food means i got some stomatch problem in which i started being hungry and i din’t eat anything that’s why i lost 8kg weight in just a month and i want to tell you that i was not fat i was very lean and then after one month i started feeling very thin and then i got admission in my college for BCA and then i have left only 1 months to go to college then i started eating food(just tried to) but now only 3 days left and i recovered a little bit i mean my body become ok..not weak that much..now i have another problem which is when i eat food there is something happens in my stomach which creates bloatness and food wants to comes outside my stomach through vomitting means i can’t eat food means i can’t build muscles…then i eated so many medicines and also eaten some ayurvedic medicines for my stomach and but only ayurvedic worked good but didn’t solved the problem then i start taking liver52 ds for my liver and it also didn’t worked and now what happened is that i goto my friend house and he have good health and now i watched him going to pee every half hour and i asked why he go that much time and he told me that he drinks good amount of water everytime and it keeps his body hydrated and then i thought let’s tried this and what i did i drink about 800ml water before going outside my home and drink more than 1 litre of water with food (with and after food) and you don’t believe things started changing and my diet improved too much and now i eat good amount of food and recovering very fast then i started working out at home means doing pushups and little bit of dumbell press for chest and pullups and it worked quite good and i started again feeling well but after just a week my body stops responding to the same exercises and i stopped gaining any muscles and now i again started feeling very weak and now i joined gym again and then i gone to gym and you don’t believe i feel very good now ….and it’s just some days and my body is responding superfast to everything means i m gaining good shaped and muscles ( i m not bodybuilder so small change is very good for me so don’t think i m huge i m just very better than my previous version…that’s all)

SO 1ST THINGS : You can workout at home but only when you keep changing your workout intensity and weight and timing and you can do only this when you have so much time and you know a REAL MAN DON’T HAVE TIME FOR DOING THESE KIND OF THINGS…


An Article By Deepak Kumar

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