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Do Only Heavy weight Grow Muscles

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So….this is what i personally heard and we all atleast once heard from some peoples or our trainer..means they tell you if you want to get size then you have to do heavy weight and this creates another confusion between so many peoples and then peoples who are just beginners in the gym do the heaviest set and they even don’t grow their muscles and sometimes get some injuries due to over weight training…

So why heavy weight and what is heavy weight…this is what you should know about….and for scientific explaination you can read other because i tell everything in simple means very simple and practical way….so firstly when you goto gym then you should never use heavy weight because you body isn’t ready for it…it is like you are a good fighter but someone attacks you when you are sleeping that’s what happens to muscles, they are sleeping and you goto gym and hit them with heavy weight really…so firstly just simply take small dumbells no ego, no showoff because showoff means that showing more than what you have and if you showoff in gym then you will not gain any muscles except the showoff…

Let’s continue to the topic again…so when you goto gym as a beginner your muscles are sleeping(just consider) and then you have to wake them not hit them ok…so take low weight dumbells and starts with them for a week and then gradually start increasing weights per week..make sure to increase weights even if you add 1kg more weights of dumbells each week it’s still a progress and then you will grow…and only exercising won’t let you grow…but why…

consider reading this post and you will surely understand why….

so what is heavy weight ….simply telling..for each person it’s different…means if you are just a beginner then the lowest weight can be heavy weight for you and if you are working from some months and years it can be the heaviest weight your gym have…and never think that heavy weight means the heaviest weight your gym have ok because if your body can take a load of 20 kg on it’s one bicep curl and you try to do 50kg on it because you want to do heavy weight then what happens your joints can be broken and your arm will be seriously injured…it’s like you want to run gta5 game on your intel dual core with 1gb ram pc….so don’t be a unmature person find the real meaning like real men do…ok

So why heavy weight only grow muscles…so let’s understand this by simple example..you were struggling to get a good job from last some months and ready to work for even rs 10000 per month then suddenly you have got a job of rs 100000 per month and now you are very happy and work very hard because you don’t want to loose it…and after one year your fear to loose job fly away and now what you will think…do you want to get a job of rs 50000 per month no because you already have a job that pays rs100000 per month and you will leave this job only when you get more than rs 100000 that’s how muscle thinks if you hit it with heavy weight it try to work hard to become strong enough to not break next time and if next time you hit it with the same weight then what will happen obviously you will get just pump no growth and this is because our muscles just becomes used to the weights you are training them from some last weeks so that’s why i have told you to increase weight every week not too much just very little weight and then you will keep growing because each week muscle have to become more strong to take that much load on itself …

So don’t listen anyone even me until you get the clear view of the problem and it’s solution with the practical implementation in real life.BE A REAL MAN AND WATCH EVERYTHING LISTEN TO THEM BUT MAKE SURE TO PROCESS THEM IN YOUR MIND BEFORE TAKING ANY STEP FORWARD….


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