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When not to do heavy weight training

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So Todays i will share you the simple logic behind the training of light weight in gym and if you are curious to know when to do heavy weight training in the gym and why then you can read the article below and always remember i will not tell anything complex means i tell everything in very simple language so that everyone can understand it….

So let’ s come to the topic again and this topic is very small and will be easily understandable…so when we goto gym we go for two motives either to loose weight or gain weight…so loosing weight is very common but you are thinking about gaining weight…i can understand because due to majority of peoples are now have obesity problems that’s why our focus does not redirects towards our weaker section of peoples means peoples who are very weak who have very small muscles and want to gain muscles..so i will today talk about when you should use light weight excercise in gym because if you read the above article then you will understand why heavy weight important and when…so i m assuming that you have either big muscles size or have big size means you are not in category of weak peoples….so now you don’t want to gain any muscles or weight but you either want to loose the weight or get your muscles in shape by loosing fat….

So simply if you do light weight exercises then your muscles will not break and your muscles will not grow and as you are working really hard with these low weight dumbells or bars your muscles are working then from where the energy comes to do that work so simply fat is burnt during low weight workout and only and only when you really do hard work at gym because burning fat is very very hard but gaining is easy….because if burning fat was easy then you will never see a guy with big bloated stomach because everyone wants six pack body and if someone tells he don’t want then the chances are either he is so lazy or don’t have the courage to do the hard work for getting those six packs….

so in simple words heavy weights defines the quality of muscles by burning the fat on those muscle areas and makes them look more defined and much better…AND DO YOU KNOW WHICH KIND OF BODY A REAL MEN DREAMS OF ….YES…A BODY THAT TELLS THE HARD WORK OUT OF THE CLOTHES WITHOUT TELLING A SINGLE WORD BECAUSE REAL MEN DON’T DO COMMENDATION OF HIS OWN BODY BUT HIS BODY YELLS MUCH LOUDER….


An article by Deepak Kumar

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