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Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Not Launch this year!

galaxy s8

After a long time wait for galaxy s8 Samsung broking hearts of thousands of peoples because They said “We will not unveil the galaxy S8 at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) trade show in this year, we will launch it later.

So Samsung taken this step to prevent their sales decrements means after explosion in galaxy s7, Samsung get affected from it and they know it will surely going to affect their next flagship smartphone s8 sales. So this could be a reason to not launch  s8 this year.

The Koh Don-jin (Chief of Samsung mobile) said that the phone will not launch at MWC even in Barcelona, which will starts on Feb 27. He didn’t told when the company will launch galaxy s8. it is due to the failure of note 7 flagship mobile in Oct for some safety reasons.

Who knows what Samsung is planning about its next flagship smartphone galaxy s8 and why they are not launching it this year.

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source : http://www.gadgetsnow.com/

He is a student who loves to blog. He has a great hobby to explore new things and also have great knowledge in progamming languages like VB.net, C++ and also learned html, javascript, ruby etc. He worked with blogger from last 4-5 years and knows wordpress also.

About Deepak Kumar Gautam

He is a student who loves to blog. He has a great hobby to explore new things and also have great knowledge in progamming languages like VB.net, C++ and also learned html, javascript, ruby etc. He worked with blogger from last 4-5 years and knows wordpress also.

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