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Terms and Conditions:


HowsWow Terms of Uses

1.    Welcome to HowsWow!

Thanks for giving your interest in our online educational blog. 

On that blog you can watch interesting knowledge videos on topic (Technology,HowTo Tutorial,SciFi and Much More), and can download free ebooks,sample papers and other stuffs.

Please read the Agreement carefully.

 As used terms ‘we’ or ‘us’ refers to Howswow team, ‘you’ or there’ refers to the visitor/reader or that blog.

2. Access Rights!

You have right to get any type of information that exits on that blog for completely free. You can also download any information only and only if it that blog provides you on their own. You can distribute content of that blog to public but for free (i.e. you cannot put your ads, surveys to make it download and any type of earning, On the contents that you have downloaded from there.

3. Limitation of Access Rights!

You cannot copy any content from that blog to your or another third party blog. all the content are copyrighted. You cannot sell or make money from any content from that blog. Any Type of thieving can make your blog or website to be non-searchable on google, deletion from google database or even deletion of your blog/custom domain.

4.  Confidentiality

you must accept that ‘You’ the visitor/reader (i)visit that blog for educational purpose only. (ii)If you’ve done any thief or made money from the contents of that blog , then you will be the ‘DELINQUENT’

.(iii)If you done any activity that violate the terms and conditions of that blog then you will be responsible for that.

I hereby a visitor of blog ‘http://www.howswow.com’ agrees with all the statements that above given and i promise that i will no do any activity that violate the terms and conditions of that blog or make me a web-Offender.




/*End of Terms and conditions/Terms of Uses