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Website Where Only Rich People Shops

We all know amazon and most of you shopped online from these kind of websites but do you know where the rich peoples shop? No and the answer is very natural how you should know where rich peoples shop..like me… but if you want to know then keep reading this post i m sure you will know where they shop online and also you will see some awesome stuffs that are available for them..


This is the website where you can buy anything which can be home,private jet,yatch and much more but don’t forget it’s for rich that’s why everything here is very costly and very very much quality things..really i really want to have these kinds of things atleast want to watch in reality rather than from my computer screen… see this amazing house which is selling at a cost of approx. $ 3,062,285 or 27.2 crore Indian Rupee.

source : jamesedition.com

So what you are thinking, this house yes it’s amazing but what about cost doesn’t matter yeh these are the words that rich can say not we can because we don’t have that much money and we can just imagine about it just imagine…

So let’s move on to some other websites.


This is the website which is extremely for rich people i mean very rich peoples because the prices of the jets that are available here for sell is high as sky..really you can’t even read the numeric value easily…see that amazing Bombardier Global 6000 which is selling at price of  approx $28,500,000 or 183.2 Crore Indian Rupee

source : avbuyer.com

So what’s now are you ready for more….i m also very excited to show you some more of these kinds of websites..so now i am going to show you a website which is specially for home i mean extra costly homes that will make riches to think first before buying it…


Luxury homes is a place where you meet something out of the world class things really here you will find houses that are very classical and very costly that are for extremely rich peoples i means very extremely rich peoples. see that amazing house and it cost you around $39,500,000 or 254 Crore Indian Rupees

source : luxuryhomes.com

Now you have seen houses and private jets so there is something missing… let me guess yes it is accessories so there is the website which will make you feel poor yes i know i m already…don’t you have to tell me this so let’s come to the topic please….


This is the website where rich peoples can buy anything i mean from luxury cars to cigars everything…cigar will not be cheap here because everything here is luxury ok…So see that amazing luxury watch which cost you around $230,000 or 15 Crore Indian Rupees.

source : bornrich.com


This is not the end of rich peoples shopping it’s just starting and my post will be full of pages if i tell you all so you can check out more by visiting to these websites so see you in my next luxurious post and don’t forget my website is not specific for rich peoples and i mean there is nothing special for anyone who is rich here is everything special for a curious person…

and lastely if you are feeling very excited you can buy something from amazon.in just click here….

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