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Working Out But Not Gaining Muscles

So this is what that i personally felt some months ago so i will tell you the simple things not the complicated science behind it because there are so many websites available who tells you the exact science my blog is not like them means my explaining way is different means very practicle and easy way in simple language…

So Now i m going to share my personal experience on this topic and you will surely get the answer of your question in very practicle way and i will then share you some extra tips as you want to look great like REAL MAN’s DO.


i m not huge…. i m better than my previous version

Some months ago i started going gym after a long time and because i have left gym previously that’s why my muscles become very weak and small and my diet become so bad means i cannot eat sufficient food this problem occurs to me on regular basis and i have to work hard for this all the time from a very long time but at last i find some solution for this. So when i went to gym i firstly started with mix workout as a beginner do to give it’s full body a warmup for the training and i firstly felt some pain in some muscle groups after i completed my workout..So then i went to my home and eaten food and slept..i was not getting that much result that i supposed to get..and the one thing that i din’t shared is i went to gym with my friend on daily basis 6 days a week. So after some days i have started working out one one or two muscle groups a day and as i comes with my friend i workout really hard because my friend wasn’t like me means weak he was very healthy and that’s why he used to workout with heavy weights and then i have to workout with those heavy weights and then we completes our workout and goto our home and next day i started feeling that i m not gaining any muscle yes that was true i was not able to get any muscles add…i was thinking what i wrong then i started finding the reason and then i thought is over training the reason for this…i thought it could be then i started skipping the workout and started using low weighted dumbells to do my workout and give excuses to my friend and i kept feeling this for some days and then i started feeling that i m not gaining muscle even i m started loosing muscles what is the problem then i shared it with my friend that my muscles are loosing what is the problem and he told your diet is the problem…and i thought diet…then i started thinking about my diet that what i eat at what time then i found that my diet was very poor means i worked out like a pro but eat like a beginner…then i started to improve my diet but nothing helped because there is a problem in my brain (not in brain i means in my thinking). on these times i was watching too much youtube videos which suggest supplement and then i started feeling that without supplement body can’t grow and then i purchased one muscleblaze weight gainer and then do you know what i do when i come to home i take this supplement and when it is the time to eat food i didn’t eat sufficient food as there is a thought in my mind i have supplement and this thought created all the problem and this problem created another biggest problem of poor diet and even after using the supplement for 1 month i haven’t got any result and i was thinking what is happening i am not even becoming ok in body growth what is the problem. then i left gym for some months and i watched some more videos on youtube and read some articles on supplement and finally i started thinking that supplement don’t help and body grow with food (roti(chappati)+sabji(vegetables)) and the time i thought it to be my everything i started recovering because now i have no extra support means there is nothing on which i can depend the only thing i have for my body is the food that we eat and now i again joined the gym and now i have recovered very fast my body was responding and i was again started gaining good muscles and i felt oh thanks god it’s working….so that was my small story and i hope you have enjoyed and also found the answer of your question.

SO…These Two things will solve all your problem in most of the cases DIET and Water….i have told about the diet but if you are thinking the benefits of water (not those kinds of benefits that you might thinking it’s different one) i have written an article on it make sure to read it..



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He is a student who loves to blog. He has a great hobby to explore new things and also have great knowledge in progamming languages like VB.net, C++ and also learned html, javascript, ruby etc. He worked with blogger from last 4-5 years and knows wordpress also.

About Deepak Kumar Gautam

He is a student who loves to blog. He has a great hobby to explore new things and also have great knowledge in progamming languages like VB.net, C++ and also learned html, javascript, ruby etc. He worked with blogger from last 4-5 years and knows wordpress also.

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